How different can it be?

Social media is as much a part of daily life as the water supply. It’s a rude shock, then, to find something we thought we knew so well being done so differently (and so much better) somewhere else.

For most Chinese today social media is far more than a communications tool. It is the key to modern life.

Social platforms such as Wechat allow users to order and pay for goods and services, book a dental appointment, say, or a table at a restaurant, or a holiday, watch a movie or stream the big game, pay bills, or simply hang with friends and shop, plus a loads more, all in one, friction-free place.

Wechat is not the only such platform, but it’s by far the most popular and representative of a revolution happening right now in the way people shop and organize their lives.

On these hyper-connected, hyper-dynamic platorms China’s influencers have thrived.

Like their peers in the West, this is partly as arbiters and advocates. Yet where trust in the mainstream media is low and the digital marketplace densely crowded, including with fakes and shams, it is to influencers that users look.

The boom in livestreaming has further accelerated these trends.

Knowing how this system works – and how it might change in the future – is key for any foreign band entering China.

That’s where we can help.

By clearly understanding your business and your brand we can help you to understand who your audience in China is, and what the best ways are to use social media to reach them.

And with more than 15 years’ experience working with influencers in China, we can help you find the best fit to suit your budget and objectives.

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