It all comes down to content.

Successful digital campaigns necessarily involve a constellation of important elements, careful planning and maybe even a bit of luck. Yet by far your greatest asset – apart from a standout product or service – is great content.

It’s what social media is all about and it’s what makes Signal8 your best choice for China.

It’s what gets us up in the morning and what keeps us coming back for more. It’s also the foundation for numerous collaborative partnerships we have built with some of China’s leading young creatives, in the media, fine arts, design, journalism and photography.

China is awash with brilliant young talent, finely tuned to the domestic cultural landscape and bursting with ideas.

Properly managed and supervised, we believe harnessing this potential increases the opportunity for brands to create original, China-specific content that generates buzz and gains stronger positive sentiment among local audiences.

Let Signal8 your creative team on the spot, helping you to identify new creative partners, managing the creation of unique, memorable, culturally specific content that gets noticed by your target audiences

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