Signal8 is a digital agency
based in China and the UK

Signal8 is a digital agency
based in China and the UK

Signal8 is a digital agency
based in China
and the UK

We are a multicultural team of experienced strategists, analysts and creatives.

Our aim is to help brands better understand China's digital landscape and to maximise the opportunities it presents.

Signal8 was set up in 2019 by a like-minded team of creatives, analytics and digital marketing professionals whose major career experience is in China.

Our aim is to provide effective digital marketing solutions for overseas brands that either have a digital presence in China or are planning one soon.

That's never an easy task.

But with more than 30 years combined experience of doing business in China, we offer on-the-spot insight, technical know-how and culturally specific flair to build compelling digital campaigns that resonate with local audiences.

Signal8 draws on a wide network of professional collaborators. Through our publishing unit, 3030 Press (see Projects for Print), we have worked with some of China’s best-known young creatives and influencers, from award-winning designers and artists, to writers, filmmakers and internationally renowned photographers.

And with strategic partners such as Group Mav we offer targeted market research, data analytics and market entry services for in-bound clients, from guidance on company set-up to employment regulations, e-commerce set-up and logistics.

The coming decade could well see China become the world’s largest economy. At the beginning of 2021 its ecommerce market was already nearly twice the size of that of the United States. Businesses around the world need to decide how to engage with this reality and conceive sales and marketing strategies that maximise the opportunities it presents.

Contact us now or email one of our team directly to learn more about our services and how we can help empower your organisation with a purposeful digital marketing strategy for China.

Jin Lam
Founding Partner
& Managing Director

Jin’s career over the past 15 years has been at the leading edge of China's digital advertising industry. During this time she has driven strategy for global brands including Ford and BP, and participated in the development of campaigns that have shaped the character of digital marketing in China.

Prior to co-founding Signal8 she worked both on agency and client sides, including as GAD for OgilvyOne and Lincoln China, where she led brand development and integrated digital marketing.

Jin is from Hong Kong and began her career as a journalist. Following postgraduate studies at the University of Sheffield in the UK, in 2004 she moved to Shanghai where she began her career in digital marketing. She is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

[email protected]

John Millichap
Founding Partner
& Creative Director

John has 20 years’ experience in China bringing creative ideas to life. He is co-founder of Signal8’s sister company, 3030 Press. In this role he has worked with some of China’s brightest young creatives, including the internationally renowned fashion photographer Chen Man.

John leads the creative team at Signal8 and is responsible for concept, design and execution of creative in support of marketing projects. He develops strategies to engage audiences online.

John began his career as a reporter for South China Media Group in Hong Kong. He is committed to nurturing new talent and bringing together expertise from a variety of backgrounds. He was named one of Perspective magazine's 40-under-40 professionals in the Arts in Asia.

[email protected]

Boaz Rottenberg
Business Director

Boaz is a committed sinophile with wide experience of getting things done in China, from day-to-day management and strategic planning to business development.

Boaz grew up in Israel and Hong Kong and has lived in mainland China since 2003. In 2006 he founded Signal8’s strategic partner, Group Mav, a market research and data analytics consultancy whose clients include Google, Apple, Amazon and PayPal, among others. He served on the board of the Israeli Chamber of Commerce in China for four years in Beijing, and from 2015 to 2019 was Deputy General Manager of a leading Chinese industrial manufacturer.

Boaz holds an MA in Economics from the University of Hong Kong and a BA in Economics from the University of Haifa.